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Lake Sabrina Boat Landing

The Pet Family of Lake Sabrina

Max, a border collie rescue from www.BorderColliesInNeed.org a rescue in Phelan, California is quite an active little pupper dogger. He nees his excersize and you'll find us throwing his Frisbee when the lot's fairly empty - but BEWARE - he gets pretty excited when he brings back his toys and may not slow as he approaches - Rick's got the bruises to show for Max's excitement.






A.N.N.Agent 99 or A.N.N. for short, is a McNab Shepherd—also called a McNab Sheepdog, McNab Border Collie, or McNab Herding Dog—is a breed of dog whose focus is on herding and she does try to her Max and Nimrod along with us. She's friendly, hard-working, sociable, obedient, protective and well-mannered. She also enjoys playing fetch - if you accept the ball - be prepared for an endless day of a dog's version of 'CatchMud A.N.N. and Release'. A.N.N. delights in amusing herself in the water thus at time she has another nickname that of MudDog.

Nimrod, named after Noah's great-grandson, who's name means - great and might hunter, joined the pet crew a couple of years ago. Not the most interactive ki-ki, his is often found on the chair by the wood stove or in his favorite hiding place, somewhere above the cleaning table. He has lived up to his name by bringing us his 'gifts' into the house - a few gophers, a mole, a cottontail rabbit and a live bird (that was fun!) and he has been seen have a chipmunk snack.







Sweet PeaSweetPea is a lab thru and thru - loving the water and the special smells coming from Sabrina Camp. On several occasions, she has slipped away from the Landing, at that time a shrill whistle is heard from her masters, Ginny or Len - if SweetPea doesn't come running - off away goes Ginny on her trusty bike down to Sabrina Camp to round her up.

A new dog for the Lake is Ralph - another Labador and big,Ralph lovable pet of Len & Ginny. He may 'run' up to you quick, but that's just to welcome you to the Lake.





Remembered Pets

Two of our pets are once again frolicking without pain hearing and seeing all - Lo and Sierra went to the happy hunting grounds in the sky over the winter - they will not be forgotten!

Lo was TOP-DOG at Lake Sabrina. A true Heinz-57, he was pure mutt thru and thru although he does look like he has a bit, maybe more than a bit of Chow in him. In the summer, Lo's whole  personality changed when he became, Lo the Lion-Hearted.Lo and his do












Sierra was the oldest at 14 of the pet clan, spending her days like any body her age (98 human years ) watching the days go by while lounging around. She'll gave Max a run every once in a while, but mostly she looked after her master, Bryan.